Caldera Songwriters Nail It For Egan

Date: Monday, December 16 2019


A Tsunami of Music and Friendship Brings
Resources for the Egan Warming Center
The Performers of Caldera Songwriters' Circle 2019.

The audience that filed into Tsunami Books back room on Dec. 13 toted bags of warm coats, socks and gloves with tags still attached, fists full of bills, and gleeful anticipation. The entertainment would be amazing, whether it drew laughter, wonder, inspiration or tears, and it would ultimately bring in dozens of industrial-size bags of coats, socks and gloves plus $1,620 for the Egan Warming Center.

Egan Warming Center
Volunteer Training

Mon., Jan. 13, 2020
Temple Beth Israel
1175 E. 29th, Eugene

It was the eighth annual Caldera Songwriters Circle, an evening that reunites alumni of the Americana Song Academy at the Caldera Arts Center near Sisters, their accompanists, and an adoring crowd. For more than two hours members took to the warmly lit stage to present one piece each, interspersed with Haiku, and completed amid enthusiastic applause.

As they have for the past seven years, proceeds from the Caldera event went to the Egan Warming Center, which opens in multiple locations in Eugene, and at the Memorial Building in Springfield when temperatures are forecast to be 29 degrees or colder. The benefit date falls close to Dec. 18, the date associated with the death of Maj. Thomas Egan whose body was discovered, partially covered in snow, at the dead-end of Blair Blvd.

Thank you, Beth Wood, Laura Golden, and the incredible Caldera Songwriters Group; Scott Landfield and Staff at Tsunami Books, and your generous community of followers!