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Counting on your Goodness

 We've got 2 days until the new year, and we're close to raising $100,000 for four vital needs (homeless families, food & basic needs, veterans, and helping children). Thank you to everyone who helped by giving a Christmas gift!
We need you. Please donate today. Every dollar counts, or give monthly to stretch your gift throughout the year. Remember - your gift is tax-deductible.
Help us reach our goal! Thanks for your help.



Kids in St. Vinnie's affordable housingDecember 19-24: helping children
"Visions of sugar plums..." nah - too caloric and bad for the teeth. Your gift to St. Vinnie's kids funds childrens' programs year-round. Field trips, homework clubs, gardens with naturally sweet veggies and fruit. Put 300+ kids in St. Vinnie's affordable housing on your Christmas list this year - and help children all year long.

Please. Pretty please with (virtual) sugar on top. Give now>


December 13-18: homeless veterans
December 18 marked the third anniversary of Major Tom Egan's death - homeless, he froze to death on the streets of Eugene, Oregon. His death was not in vain. The Egan Warming Center houses the homeless whenever temperatures dip below 30; Vet LIFT provides housing and counseling for 51 veterans. Veterans and their families have sacrificed for our freedom. Join us in saying "thank you for your service" through a gift.

Read Kishauna's story to learn how your gift can help.


The vault at our Social Service Office

December 7-12: food & basic needs
Our unassuming Social Service Office used to be a bank. Now its vault holds hope: compassionate, practical assistance to prevent homelessness and suffering. It's where low-income families come for rent, utilities, prescription medications, food boxes, beds & clothing, and help from 200+ volunteers who care.

If prevention is your mantra, this is the program for you. Please give.

Read Doug's Story, Erin's Story, or Kerrie's Story to learn more about people your gift will help.

Brent, Trista, & Draven (age 3)

December 1-6: homeless families
You likely had a favorite blankie or teddy bear as a child - and a bed to sleep in. This little boy and his family lived in their truck. Read their story> Happily, they are in housing today, thanks to First Place Family Center. First Place families are homeless, but not hopeless.

Your dollar means shelter, food, hot showers, laundry services, and the power of dedicated volunteers & staff to help more than 540 families transition each year.

Give today. They're counting on you.