A Celebration of New Beginnings

This week is May Day, a celebration of spring and new beginnings.  One of the popular ways to celebrate May Day is to anonymously leave flowers on people’s doorsteps.  The purpose is to bring joy to those you care about, and to give without expecting anything in return.

The term “mayday” can also mean "disaster" -- and sometimes an illness, divorce, accident or job loss does result in economic disaster for a family.

That's where we come in. St. Vinnie’s provides over 60,000 families with free food, clothing, furniture, appliances, rent or utility assistance, or help with prescription medication annually.  Much of this work is done by volunteers.  All of it is done with no expectation of a reward (other than the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping others). 

Can you help us continue this important work?  Your tax-deductible contribution of any size makes a big difference to people struggling to make ends meet.  Read Kevin’s story or Jennifer and Travis’s story to learn about the people your donation will help.  



Photographs courtesy of Christopher Bennett