About St Vincent de Paul

Our Mission

We assist the poor and those in need of consolation, seeking out and utilizing every resource. Being mindful of the sanctity and dignity of all, we know that any charitable work that advances those goals is within the mission of St. Vincent de Paul.

St Vincent de Paul
St Vincent de Paul Community Volunteers

Our History

St Vincent de Paul of Lane County was founded in 1953 to help all individuals find a path out of poverty and towards self-sufficiency. As Lane County’s largest nonprofit human services organization, SVdP helps more than 84,000 individuals and families each year with emergency and shelter services, affordable housing, and self-sufficiency programs.

Give Help, Get Help

At St Vincent de Paul, anyone can give help and get help. Our work in the community focuses on providing affordable housing, helping individuals become more self-sufficient, providing emergency services, and creating access to shelter. To support our charitable efforts, we operate thrift stores throughout Lane county and have a variety of recycling programs to utilize waste streams.

Affordable Housing

St Vincent de Paul has developed approximately 1,400 housing units since 1988. In recent years, SVdP has grown its portfolio of mobile home parks to include eight facilities in Lane and Multnomah counties, providing more than 400 units.

Shelter Assistance

Adults and, separately, families have access to bathrooms, showers, laundry services, day rooms, and overnight shelter through our shelter assistance services. We also operate a trauma-informed preschool that serves children to age 5. Our overnight shelter services include overnight parking, a Night Shelter for families, and Dawn to Dawn, which is composed of military-style tents for adults. The seasonal Egan Warming Centers provide shelter when extreme cold is forecast.

Self-Sufficiency Services

Our self-sufficiency services help about 1,100 people with job training and placement each year. Many of our programs focus on helping individuals and families achieve greater housing security and financial stability. We also have programs designed to support veterans and their families.

Recycling Programs

Where there’s a waste stream, St Vincent de Paul taps it. We have recycling programs to process mattresses, styrofoam, appliances, and electronics. In 2018, SVdP diverted 44.1 million pounds of materials from going to landfills.

Emergency Services

St Vincent de Paul’s emergency services include vouchers to St. Vinnie’s retail stores, assistance with rent or utilities, propane for cooking and heating, help with prescription medication, and Backpacks for Back to School.

Retail Thrift Stores

St Vincent de Paul operates 15 retail stores with donation centers and a donation car lot to generate revenue for our charitable programs. Click the button below for locations and more information.

Careers at SVdP

SVdP provides a number of employment opportunities. For more details on applying to SVdP jobs, visit our employment page.

2021 Board of Directors

St. Vincent de Paul is governed by a 13-member Board of Directors, with the agency’s Executive Director reporting directly to the Board. Board members have deep ties to the community and a range of professional backgrounds that lend themselves to well-rounded, community-based board oversight, including: financial management, real estate, education, consumers of St. Vincent de Paul services, local university leadership, and business owners. Critically, we prioritize inclusion of board members with lived experience of homelessness and poverty to ensure the perspectives of communities we serve inform organization strategy and leadership. Additionally, St. Vincent de Paul has two advisory committees that inform the Board’s oversight of agency financials and housing projects: the Financial Advisory Committee and the Housing Advisory Committee.

Charlie Burnham, Chair

Vice-President, Banner Bank

Louise “Molly” Westling, Vice-chair

Retired Professor, Department of English, University of Oregon

Ben Mondragon, Secretary

Realtor with Keller-Williams, Rotarian

Ruben Garcia,Vice-secretary

Co-owner of Environment Control, volunteer

J Edwin ‘Eddie’ Roberts, Treasurer

Senior Finance Manager, Levi Strauss & Co.

Paul Atkinson

Co-owner, Laughing Stock Farm, organic farmer

Trudie Atkinson

Retired educator, psychologist

Laurence Hamblen

Retired CEO, Eugene Hearing and Speech Center

Marianne Nicols

Retired Sr. Associate Dean and Chief of Operations, College of Arts and Sciences, UO.
Adjunct instructor, Department of History, UO

Jennene Norblad

Lending Systems Manager, VP, Umpqua Bank

Marjory Ramey

Retired Director of Student Housing, UO

Justin Schmick

Commercial Broker, Windemere Real Estate

Myron Williamson

Service Recipient

Key Staff Contacts

St. Vincent de Paul’s staff of more than 400 does the everyday work of making local communities better places to live. Here is our senior staff. To contact a member call 541.687.5820 and ask for the person by name.

Terry McDonald
Executive Director
(541) 687-5820

Bethany Cartledge 
Deputy Director
(541) 687-5820 x153

Charley Harvey 
Assistant Executive Director
(541) 687-5820 x150

Mary Dawn Elkington 
Executive Assistant
(541) 687-5820 x135

Alisha Cantwell
Human Resources/Hiring Director
(541) 687-5820 x108

Leisha Wallace 
Personnel Director
(541) 687-5820 x512

Glenn DePrater
Chief Financial Officer
(541) 687-5820 x162

Tabitha Eck 
Community Engagement Director    (541) 335-1950


Roxann O’Brien
Homeless and Emergency Services Director
(541) 689-6747

Michael Yoshioka
Youth and Family Services Director
(541) 342-7728

Foster Martinez
Supportive Housing Programs Director
(541) 687-5820 x185

Jennifer Cervantes
Interim Property Management Director
(541) 687-5820 x195

Kristen Karle 
Housing Development Director
(541) 687-5820 x152

Ashley Raman
Director of Stores Operations
(541) 687-5820            

Josh Jess
IT Director
(541) 687-5820 x183

Dave Tussing
Safety Director
(541) 687-5820 x102  

Cascade Alliance - Sustainable Work. Stronger Communities.

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County (Oregon), with generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, created the Cascade Alliance and manages the program. The Cascade Alliance helps nonprofits across the country turn discarded items into a stable revenue stream and source of quality jobs for people with barriers, thereby providing lasting communitywide economic and environmental impacts.

Our accomplishments from 2013-2015:

  • 18 Nonprofit organizations mentored
  • 15 Reuse/recycling businesses launched
  • 150 Full-time, life-stabilizing jobs created for people with barriers
  • 130 People with barriers received job training
  • 239,292 Mattresses and boxsprings recycled by members
  • $481,465 Community savings in avoided trash bills
  • $1,015,766 Revenue from members’ book businesses
  • 7,193,963 Pounds of materials recovered from waste stream to create jobs and revenue for nonprofit organizations

For organizations seeking more information or mentorship, please click the button below.

Note: We are working to get updated numbers to update our accomplishments – please use these numbers as a placeholder.

Cascade Alliance - Sustainable Work. Stronger Communities.


St Vincent de Paul Financials

Further financial information available on request. Please contact us.

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)

2019 Impact Report (download)
2019 Audit Report (download)



What are your store hours?

Our stores are open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except for The Dalles location, which is currently open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday only). We are not able to return to later operation hours at this time because of complications from COVID-19, but are committed to remaining accessible on a daily basis for our customers seeking affordable products.

What kind of sales do you offer?

Every St. Vinnie’s store takes part in our ongoing color-tag sale, with items either 50% off, 25% off, or regularly priced depending on whether the tag is white, green, or yellow (on-sale colors rotate weekly). Periodically throughout the year, customers will also find all clothing and books 50% off during our popular storewide half-price sales. And finally, anyone who donates items to St. Vinnie’s is offered a coupon redeemable for 20% off one regularly priced item in any store. So there are many ways to save!

How has COVID-19 affected your store operations?

We have taken extensive precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and the public, including adhering to current mask-wearing mandates; increasing sanitization standards; encouraging safe physical distancing; and closing our fitting rooms until further notice.

How do you price items in your stores?
Our management and staff continually work to make the pricing of our diverse inventory as consistent as possible. Product categories such as clothing and books have standardized prices, but some especially desirable items might be adjusted upward accordingly. Also, we sell some essentially new products (often customer returns, overstock items, etc.) from high-end retail brands. Prices of these items, including furniture, home décor and housewares, might sometimes seem high by thrift-store standards, but they help us cover the cost of shipping trailer loads of products to our warehouse. And our prices still represent a huge discount — almost always at least 50% and often far more — from new retail prices.
When I buy from St. Vinnie’s, what am I supporting?

In addition to helping provide quality jobs for retail and warehouse workers, drivers and more, your business allows us to provide essential services to those in need. Our homeless shelters, Youth House, winter warming shelters, affordable housing units, food room, veteran programs and many other services depend on shoppers such as yourself.


How do I find out if I qualify for rent assistance, food boxes, or other help from SVdP?

Entry requirements vary among programs. The best thing to do is call the program you’re interested in and describe your situation. SVdP’s voucher program has undergone changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, but currently requests are received and approved on a case-by-case basis. Call the Lindholm Service Center at 541-689-6747 for information.

Where do I start if I need shelter or other emergency services for the unhoused?

We have many programs and both day and night-shelter services available to help individuals and families in need. Services for individual adults can be accessed through our Lindholm Service Center (call 541-689-6747 or visit 456 Hwy. 99N in Eugene). Families at risk of losing their housing, or already experiencing homelessness, should contact First Place Family Center (541-342-7728, 1995 Amazon Pkwy. in Eugene).

How do I get on SVdP’s waitlist for affordable housing?

The waitlist status is posted on our home page. It opens periodically, during which applications are available via direct download from our website; at our office, 2890 Chad Drive in Eugene; or by calling 541-743-7164. The waitlist remains open until all slots are filled, which sometimes happens in a matter of hours. When you receive your application you will also be given a deadline for returning it to our office.


How can I donate money to SVdP?

You may donate in person at any St. Vincent de Paul retail store, the Lindholm Service Center, or the main office at 2890 Chad Drive in Eugene. You may click here to donate online, or mail a check to SVdP, P.O. Box 24608, Eugene, OR 97402. Be sure to indicate any program preference.

How can I associate my business or organization with the good works of St. Vincent de Paul?

SVdP would be honored by your sponsorship and grateful for the help. Contact Tabitha Eck via email at tabitha.eck@svdp.us, or call 541-600-8454.

What items can I donate and where?

We accept gently used, saleable clothing and accessories, books, household items, furniture (no mattresses/box springs), appliances, tools, pet accessories and more at St. Vinnie’s drive-through donation centers. Our vehicle-donation program accepts cars, trucks, motorhomes and other RV’s, motorcycles, and more.

Will St. Vinnie's send a truck to pick up my donations?

St. Vinnie’s offers pickup of major household appliances only, subject to approval by our driver. To inquire about free pickup/removal in the Eugene-Springfield area, call the dispatch office at 541-345-0595; in the Florence area, call 541-997-8460.

Will I be charged for items donated?

We charge $12 per supersack of Styrofoam. Smaller amounts can be recycled for free by dropping off at our donation centers. Learn more about Styrofoam recycling.


How do I share a concern with St. Vincent de Paul?
We appreciate feedback from our community! Any concerns, please email: askme@svdp.us.
Does SVdP have a newsletter, and how do I sign up?

SVdP has newsletters in both print and electronic forms. For our monthly E-News, you can subscribe here.  Just fill out the form below.

Can I follow SVdP on Social Media?

Yes! Follow our main SVdP page and our St. Vinnie’s store page on Facebook, as well as our Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok accounts.

How do I apply for a job at St. Vinnie's?

Applications for store, warehouse, book department and driving positions are accepted any time and can be found here. For more specific opportunities visit our Indeed Jobs page, Careers at St. Vincent de Paul.

What is the organizational structure of SVdP?

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. is affiliated with — and esteems the core values of — the greater nationwide Society of St. Vincent de Paul. But SVdP of Lane County is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that determines which programs and services to offer based on the needs of its community, with oversight from a board of directors that represents that community. Many people have a hand in the day-to-day operations and management of SVdP of Lane County. Click here for SVdP’s Key Staff. For the SVdP Board of Directors, click here.

Who was St. Vincent de Paul?

Saint Vincent de Paul (April 24, 1581 – Sept. 27, 1660) was a Catholic priest dedicated to serving the poor, and a Catholic saint. He was canonized in 1737. Saint Vincent was born in France and became a priest, but a slave’s deathbed confession ignited his passion for the suffering. In 1622 de Paul was appointed chaplain to the galleys, and in this capacity he gave missions for the galley-slaves. In 1625 Saint Vincent founded the Congregation of the Mission, a society of missioning priests commonly known as the Vincentians, to work among the poor in small towns and the countryside. In 1633, with the assistance of Louise de Marillac he founded the Daughters of Charity. He was renowned for his compassion, humility and generosity.