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Candle Wax Recycling

Ever wondered how to recycle those partially-burned candles you don't need? We've got it covered! St. Vincent de Paul takes old, unwanted candles, melts them down, and recycles them into three fantastic products.

**NEW: Extreme Brick-o-Wax

Ever seen a skateboarder execute a horizontal slide along a railing or bench and thought, "I wonder how they do that?" In addition to some serious skill they need skate wax to create a nice, smooth serface for them to ride. Extreme Brick-o-Wax is a 100% recycled skate wax that's perfect for the skateboarder in your life. it's a screaming deal at $2.99. Look for it in St. Vinnie's retail stores. And check out this great article on Extreme Brick-o-Wax on Oregon Public Broadcasting's EarthFix.

EcoFire Starters

Ecofire© is a simple fire starter made from post-consumer cotton (from recycled mattresses) and paraffin from used candles.

EcoFire can be used in camp fires and wood stoves.  The product is long lasting, burns even in wet conditions, and has a pleasant smell. Each piece burns for about 15 minutes. EcoFire Starters are available at most St. Vincent de Paul retail thrift stores.


This beautiful product is made from 100% recycled paraffin and is perfect for candlemakers and other crafters. Available in a rainbow of colors, it smells great and is very affordable at $3.50 per two-pound brick. Find it at our Division Avenue store and Chad Drive store.




For information on wholesale purchases, contact Dave Tussing at (541) 687-5820 or through the Contact Us form.