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Bridget’s Story

From the big smile on Evan's face, you'd never guess he and his mom came to the Social Service office in such dire straights. He was too young to understand that his family was in danger of losing their home.

His dad and his mom, Bridget, couldn't afford to pay their utility bill for a few months. As a result, they received a shut-off notice in the mail. Losing their electricity would mean no heat, no refrigerator, and a real chance at becoming homeless.

The Social Service Office paid the family's bill, much to Bridget's delight. She cares for Evan full-time while her husband finishes graduate school. This small bit of one-time assistance allows the family to focus on achieving their goals rather than collapsing under the weight of worry. “It allows us to continue with school so we can create a better life for Evan,” she says.

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