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Home of Your Own Program


Home of Your Own Program Update, October 2013 

The Home of Your Own Program (HOYOP) is on hold while we develop sources for the loans that participants use to make down payments.
We still need your input! If home ownership is your goal, here are some steps you can take.
When we apply for the down-payment funds in the summer of 2014, we must include a waitlist of applicants who are likely to qualify for them. Please read below about the HOYOP and see whether you meet the criteria for income eligibility.
You should also contact NEDCO at (541) 345-7106 to enroll in the required homeownership training.  NEDCO is the HUD-approved housing counseling agency for Lane County that can help determine whether you are likely to qualify for the USDA loan. If you are, we’ll put you on our waitlist.
Thank you! A good waitlist will improve our chances of getting funding, and your chances of getting that Home of Your Own. -- Andy Clay, Program Manager

If you’ve always wanted a home of your own, St. Vincent de Paul may be able to help!  We are partnering with Adair Homes, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) to help make dreams a reality. This unique partnership is formed to create beautiful architecturally designed homes that are affordable to build and affordable to own.

Participant homebuyer-builders will perform select tasks to gain some “sweat equity” to reduce the cost of the home and obtain low interest loans with payments tailored to fit your budget. St. Vincent de Paul may assist with funding to help further reduce the USDA loan.  All of this, along with help from a home builder with 40 years of self-help affordable housing expertise, make this a great opportunity.

What’s required?

  • Adjusted annual household income must not exceed 80% of Lane County Median Income per household size.  Example: For a household with 4 persons, the adjusted income cannot exceed $45,050 per year. Download the chart>
  • Complete a Homebuyer Training Course
  • The Applicant/Homebuyer must be able to qualify for the primary home loan to purchase the lot and pay for construction.  
  • Adult participants provide a minimum of 50 hours of ‘sweat equity’ labor for a one adult homebuyer household or a minimum of 100 hours for a two adult homebuyer household and must utilize some volunteer help.


  • Own your own energy efficient Home
  • Reduce the cost of the home through sweat equity
  • Closing Costs Covered
  • 100% Financing
  • Down payment assistance

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