It's true! St. Vinnie's is having a grand opening Sept. 25 in The Dalles.
It's true! St. Vinnie's is having a grand opening Sept. 25 in The Dalles.
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St. Vincent de Paul is Lane County’s largest nonprofit human services organization, helping over 84,000 people annually. We accomplish our mission in six core areas: Affordable Housing, Emergency Services, Homeless Services, Recycling Programs, Retail Thrift Stores, and Self-Sufficiency Services.

Recent News:

St. Vinnie’s Opens Thursday In The Dalles

St. Vinnie's is opening in The Dalles.

So you LOVE apples, wind-surfing, waterfalls and wildflowers? Now there's one more reason to love the Columbia Gorge: St. Vinnie's at 505 West 9th in The Dalles. The grand opening is Sept. 25 at 9:50 a.m. Save 50% on clothing and books through Sept. 28 at 8 p.m., only at St. Vinnie's in The Dalles.

Backpacks for Back to School: Kids Win Again

Imagine a community so vested in education that every child can return to school equipped with basic supplies and a colorful backpack. That’s the case in Eugene-Springfield, where the Backpacks for Back to School distribution commenced August 27 at St. Vinnie’s Lindholm Center. It will continue there and at Brattain House in Springfield through the first weeks of school.

Mitra’s DIY Parlor

Living simply is an art! Mitra’s DIY Parlor features instruction sheets and videos for items you can make using recycled and repurposed materials. The DIY projects are selected and prototypes created by Mitra Chester, designer for St. Vincent de Paul.

Co-designed Line Springs For “Sidewalk To Catwalk”

UPSMART turns discards into wearable art.

When it comes to upcycling castaway textiles into wearable art, St. Vinnie’s is finding that two heads really are better than one. That’s one to design, create and market; and another to work diligently behind the scenes burrowing through loose and baled discards, and granting second chances to items of vintage design or promising fabric.