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Mitra’s DIY Parlor

Categories: Email Newsletter, Environment, Recycling, Stores
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Tuesday, August 12 2014

Living simply is an art! Mitra’s DIY Parlor features instruction sheets and videos for items you can make using recycled and repurposed materials. The DIY projects are selected and prototypes created by Mitra Chester, designer for St. Vincent de Paul.

Fill A Backpack, Help Change The World

Categories: Email Newsletter, Stores, Volunteers
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Sunday, August 10 2014
New school supplies and backpacks: Tools of Change!

We’d all like to change the world, but where to start? Perhaps by adopting the wisdom of Nelson Mandela who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Co-designed Line Springs For “Sidewalk To Catwalk”

Categories: Email Newsletter, Events, Environment, Recycling, Jobs, Staff Stories
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Wednesday, August 6 2014
UPSMART turns discards into wearable art.

When it comes to upcycling castaway textiles into wearable art, St. Vinnie’s is finding that two heads really are better than one. That’s one to design, create and market; and another to work diligently behind the scenes burrowing through loose and baled discards, and granting second chances to items of vintage design or promising fabric.

The Transformational Power Of Eugene

Categories: Email Newsletter, Self-Sufficiency, Veterans
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Wednesday, July 30 2014

Call it the power of Eugene. Troubled and adrift, an Army veteran comes to town, discovers organic food, enrolls in St. Vinnie’s Veterans In Progress program, and sets his sights on a degree in Agriculture Business Management from Oregon State University.

Seamstress Files Cases Of Caring

Categories: Email Newsletter, Emergency Assistance, District Council, Recycling, Stores, Volunteers
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Thursday, July 24 2014
Yvonne Osterman uses her hands to touch hearts.

“Give it to Yvonne. She’ll figure something out.” That notion has brought much fabric Yvonne Kleppe’s way, but when friend Susan Osterman offered her personal surplus, Yvonne had no idea what was coming: More than 32 yards of elegant material, as measured in pillowcases.

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