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SVDP Volunteers Get Gifts, Shirts For Their Backs

Date: Friday, September 22 2017
A pin of service.

A great big THANK YOU for everyone who came out to our inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Event last week at the Agrarian Farm! It was all the things we had hoped for and more. We were delighted to have more than 250 folks in attendance, and a slew of staff members eager to help.

“Paths to Prosperity” Coming to Cottage Grove, Oakridge

Categories: Email Newsletter, Self-Sufficiency
Date: Tuesday, September 5 2017
Learn how to stretch your dollar!

Attention residents of Oakridge and nearby communities: Do you wonder where your money goes and how to get your spending under control? This free 10-hour financial literacy course will help you stretch your dollar!

Youth House Update Aug. 17

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Homeless Aid, Volunteers
Date: Monday, August 28 2017

Changes Afoot For SVDP Stores

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Recycling, Jobs, Staff Stories, Stores
Author: The Register-Guard
Date: Wednesday, August 23 2017

Change is in the air for St. Vinnie's West Broadway, Seneca and Chad Dr. locations, but as always the goal is to help those in need, net affordable housing, and score jobs.

HOYOP: 13 Down, Five Lots Remain

Date: Monday, August 14 2017

If it seems like residential subdivisions are springing up overnight, consider the Wetleau Estates development in Lowell. It’s not quite as old as the picturesque hills that surround it, but more than a decade after the City of Lowell offered it to St. Vincent de Paul as an avenue for creating affordable housing, five buildable lots still bask in the glow of 11 completed homes and two in progress. What’s taken so long?

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