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Retreat! Saturday, June 6 at St. Alice Church

Date: Thursday, June 1 2017

Each June the home visitors of St. Vincent de Paul gather to reflect on their work of the winter past 

St. Paul School Makes Its Project Starfish Gifts

Categories: Email Newsletter, Homeless Aid, Emergency Assistance, Self-Sufficiency, Volunteers
Date: Tuesday, May 30 2017

Who would deny a child like Gabby a proper home? Certainly not anyone associated with Project Starfish, "Mayor Bill" Morrisette's longrunning challenge to students in the Catholic schools to help struggling families get into housing.

Neighbors Support Housing For Teens

Author: Richie Weinman
Date: Tuesday, May 30 2017

Where is the outrage from my neighbors? St. Vincent de Paul plans to convert a south Eugene church into housing for homeless teens. In the past this would have prompted packed meetings of worrked, fearful neighbors.

Finding Paths To Prosperity: Fall 2017 Schedule

Author: SVdP staff
Date: Tuesday, May 23 2017
The VIDA program can yield as much as $3 for every dollar you save.

Already looking forward to the start of the next school year? What will you do with your time? Will you learn some practical skills? Save money toward a life-changing goal?

Ha, ha, you say?

Mitch Allen Retires As SVDP’s Housing Director

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Jobs, Staff Stories
Date: Monday, May 22 2017
One good guy, longtime property manager Mitch Allen.

 When he began working at the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County (SVDP) 14 years ago, Housing Director Mitch Allen had no idea how large his department would become by the time he retired.

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