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DOL Recognition A First For HVRP In Oregon

Categories: Email Newsletter, Homeless Aid, Jobs, Self-Sufficiency, Staff Stories, Veterans
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Monday, March 24 2014
Job Specialist Harold McCain, Program Manager Karen Fleener-Gould, and veteran/security worker Fawn Mathis.

The combined work of St. Vinnie’s Vocational Services staff got some welcome recognition recently for its efforts on behalf of at-risk veterans.

Support Community Development Through Recycling! UPSMART

Categories: Email Newsletter, Environment, Recycling, Jobs, Stores
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Friday, March 21 2014
Look for the UPSMART tag.

St. Vinnie’s has developed a new upcycled fashion line that expands our customers’ opportunities to contribute to our community and save resources through shopping.

Irish Echo Fans Wear Green, Share Green With Project Starfish

Categories: Events, Housing, Homeless Aid, Volunteers
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Friday, March 21 2014
Joe Ewing tips his green bowler derby in imitation of an old-time Irish cop.

Around St. Patrick’s Day at Marist High, the Spartan blue and gold is infiltrated by all shades of green as Irish Echo holds its annual party to benefit Project Starfish, and Joe Ewing dons his green bowler derby and makes like an old-time Irish cop.

Acts of Kindness: 2014

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Homeless Aid, Emergency Assistance, Jobs, Stores, Veterans, Volunteers
Author: SVdP Staff
Date: Friday, March 21 2014
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Almost daily, St. Vinnie's mission of charity is aided by local individuals, clubs and organizations. Sometimes these benefactors come and go with little notice. Other times we're quick enough to capture the moment. As we leave 2013 behind, take a moment to see a few of the countless reasons we agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson who said,

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”

St. Vinnie’s Books Open Doors For New Readers

Categories: Email Newsletter, Recycling, Stores
Author: SVdP Staff
Date: Thursday, March 20 2014
Alouise Warner, second from right, and her Fundamental Reading students with selections for their library.

Like kids in candy shop, adult reading students from Lane Community College, their faculty librarian and their teacher hit the books at St. Vinnie’s on Seneca in mid-March to select complementary volumes for a lending library for their college preparation program. In particular they sought books with interesting content in a variety of topics -- books to engage the most tentative reader.

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