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Calling All Artists And Designers: It’s Metamorphose Time!

Date: Monday, February 2 2015

Some people look at discards and see just that. Others see the makings of a new form of Rennaisance art: Items that started their useful lives in one form, fell from favor and got thrown away, and with a little creativity could be stunning again. If you fall into the latter category come aboard for the Metamorphose Upcycled Fashion/Art Challenge!

Boys’ Group Fosters Security, Trust

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Staff Stories
Author: SVdP Staff
Date: Monday, January 5 2015

If you’re of a certain age you may remember having the freedom to “just be a kid,” playing in mud, playing games, and playing in general. Life is more complicated now, and finding the time and place to “just be a kid” is tough, especially when family life has gone awry to the point of homelessness, and a child may not trust men or women or any adult for that matter.

Egan Memorial: More Needs To Be Done

Categories: Email Newsletter, Events, Homeless Aid, Egan Warming Center, Veterans, Volunteers
Author: SVdP Staff
Date: Thursday, December 18 2014
SVdP staff

Tom Egan is said to have had few friends when he froze to death in 2008, but he's got a loyal following now. Several dozen trekked to the north end of Blair Blvd. Dec. 18 to remember the veteran whose death awakened the community to the plight of the homeless, especially in deadly cold weather. They represented faith communities, Egan Warming Center staff and volunteers, veterans groups, local government, and a very few of the 300 to 350 homeless adults and youth who utilize the Egan Warming Center.

Day of Honor Features Help For Veterans

Categories: Email Newsletter, Food, Housing, Homeless Aid, Egan Warming Center, Emergency Assistance, Jobs, Self-Sufficiency, Veterans, Volunteers
Author: SVdP staff
Date: Monday, December 15 2014
St. Michael's Conference, City Hall, and veteran outreach workers at the Day of Honor.

Oakridge’s first Veterans’ Day of Honor did not attract homeless veterans as hoped, but those who did attend were greeted with appreciation, good food, and good information.

Upsmart Line Wins Friends In Santa Fe

Categories: Email Newsletter, Environment, Recycling, Jobs, Staff Stories, Stores
Date: Friday, December 12 2014
Upsmart turns discards into wearable art.

St. Vinnie's Upsmart line was a big hit at the Santa Fe Recycled Art Festival.

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