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Paella Feast: A Tasty Way To Help Kids

Date: Tuesday, June 20 2017
A pan of paella.

For children whose families are homeless or "precariously housed," there's plenty to worry about besides social development and school readiness. That's where First Place Kids Early Childhood Program comes in, with its focus on rhythm and movement, cooperation and sharing, and supervised play. You can help this vital program! Your assignment: Eat paella!

Fire! Early Riser Sounds The Alarm

Date: Wednesday, June 14 2017

If you think the excitement happens elsewhere, residents of SVDP’s Oakwood Manor will beg to differ. Some were jolted out of bed Monday by hollering and pounding as an early riser alerted them to fire.

Got Faith? Meet Youth House

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Volunteers
Date: Friday, June 9 2017

Goal: To get at-risk kids through high school. We are in the process of transforming the former church at 3350 Willamette St. in Eugene to convert into rent-free housing for homeless high school students, ages 16 through 18, with the key requirement that they remain in school. Here's how your faith community can help.

Retreat! Saturday, June 6 at St. Alice Church

Date: Thursday, June 1 2017

Each June the home visitors of St. Vincent de Paul gather to reflect on their work of the winter past 

St. Paul School Makes Its Project Starfish Gifts

Categories: Email Newsletter, Homeless Aid, Emergency Assistance, Self-Sufficiency, Volunteers
Date: Tuesday, May 30 2017

Who would deny a child like Gabby a proper home? Certainly not anyone associated with Project Starfish, "Mayor Bill" Morrisette's longrunning challenge to students in the Catholic schools to help struggling families get into housing.

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