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The Hills Are Alive With Socks

Categories: Email Newsletter, Emergency Assistance, Volunteers
Author: SVdP Staff
Date: Wednesday, December 26 2012
Ben Mondragon with Southtowne Rotary receives the Boxing Day Award

An Old World tradition came to Chad Drive in unusual form this week as St. Vinnie's first Boxing Day Award was presented to Ben Mondragon, representing Southtowne Rotary. The award acknowledged the 50,000 pairs of underwear and socks the organization has donated to St. Vincent de Paul over the past several years.

"For many people living on the streets or in poverty, clean underwear and dry socks are a luxury," said Terry McDonald, St. Vincent de Paul's Executive Director. "Distributing these items to people in need is a small way to give them some dignity back." (See a video of McDonald explaining the Boxing Day Award.)

Rotary sponsors annual "Sock It To Me" and "Let's Be Brief" drives to collect the items, which are donated to St. Vincent de Paul. The agency gives them away through the First Place Family Center, Eugene Service Station, and other programs that serve people who are homeless or struggling to make ends meet.

"I never expected anything," Mondragon said of the award. "I know it sounds cliché or old fashion, but the reward is just giving back."

To us, the award is only a small token of the difference Southtowne Rotary has made in the lives of tens of thousands of people over the years. Thank you Rotary!

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Hear Terry McDonald, Executive Director, share his thoughts on the Boxing Day Award: