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SVDP Volunteers Get Gifts, Shirts For Their Backs

Date: Friday, September 22 2017
A pin of service.


photos from outdoor eventNearly 3,000 people give to First Place Family Center, Egan Warming Center, St. Vinnie's stores and housing, special projects, and to the Vincentian work of assisting the poor and those in need of consolation.

Agrarian Farm was an appropriate setting for honoring glorious volunteers. Some waited out the program on the giant chess set.

A great big THANK YOU for everyone who came out to our inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Event last week at the Agrarian Ales Hop Farm! It was all the things we had hoped for and more. We were delighted to have more than 250 folks in attendance, and a slew of staff members eager to help.

Volunteers and their guests had their choice of food trucks, homegrown Agrarian ales, and other beverages as they enjoyed a cool breeze and, mostly appreciatively, clear skies. King Rose and the Brothers of Love brought live music, and spokespeople from St. Vinnie's myriad departments gave updates from back at the ranch. Meanwhile a team from Threadbare Print House rolled out custom tee shirts bearing new designs for SVDP volunteers and, separately, Egan Warming Center volunteers. Folks accustomed to giving the shirts off their backs bought enough to cover the cost of Threadbare's services.

Amid the dusk cool-down and waning light, staff also presented commemorative gifts to folks to mark their Vinnie's journey, and Aurora Glass plaques to several entities that were singled out for remarkable accomplishment. They are:

Caught In the Act for behind-the-scenes efforts: Janine Russel;

The Mac McDonald Award for outreach, advocacy and engagement: Emerald Compassionate Action Network;

Sprouting Samaritan award for our youngest volunteers. The are our future: Oscar and Valeria Romero.

The Ripple Effect Award for encouraging, inspiring and challenging those around: Nick Crump

Community Impact Award for dedication to improving the quality of life for all: First Christian Church.

Again, thanks to every soul who extends a hand to St. Vinnie's with the goal of creating a more liveable community for all, and to those came out to Agrarian Farm for the Volunteer Appreciation Event. We think it's a keeper!