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Finding Fabric, Frills And… A Keyboard Protector?

Date: Wednesday, April 19 2017


Could Coco Chanel Have Started with A Keyboard Protector?

group of female designers 

Photo: Designers who seized the first opportunity to select materials for Metamorphose. They range from a high-school senior in her second Metamorphose to seasoned professionals who supplement their endeavors with a variety of day jobs. In front from left are Shantelle Shipton, Kelly Eriksen, and Jessica Stallings; and in back from left, Renne Phillips, Marcia Knee, Hannah Alvis, Celeste Johnson, Marian Harris, and event organizer Mitra DeMirza. Immediately below is the second wave of designers to select materials, from left, Ember Ophilia Woody, Acasha Mestaz, Sierah Edwards and Chris Robinson. Also competing in Metamorphose is designer Cindy Doe, pictured below with her materials.

3 women, 1 man, all Metamorphose designersWhat sparks fashion genius? Will it be the satiny paisley? The men’s shirt in earthtone plaid? The paw-printed strapping materials or the Jolly Roger kerchief?

If you use a standard keyboard protector, inspiration might even be at your fingertips!

Such is stuff Metamorphose fashion designers are starting with this year as they transform materials rejected “as-is” for sale into head-turning creations bound for a runway show.

designer and bin of selectionsThat show is Metamorphose, and the fashion design challenge and runway show has become Eugene’s signature Earth Day-related event.

Watch The 2016 Metamorphose video

In preparation for this year’s Earth Day Metamorphose Upcycle Challenge on April 22, competing fashion designers convened March 13,at St. Vincent de Paul’s Seneca Warehouse to select materials for this year’s event. Fourteen designers chose from a broad array of discarded materials ranging from fabric scraps to neck ties to handkerchiefs to coffee-bean bags that designers must then transform into two outfits for their models to wear in the Earth Day runway competition.

Mitra DeMirza, St. Vincent de Paul’s resident fashion designer, says this year’s event requires designers to work with the same materials as the design team at ENVIA fashion, St. Vincent de Paul’s exclusive product line of upcycled fashions. The ENVIA product line includes jackets, pants, shirts, accessories and jewelry that catch both the eye and the imagination, and are sold at St. Vinnie’s store at Oak Street and West 12th Street in downtown Eugene.

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The design categories for this year’s completion are “trendy street fashion,” which DeMirza describes as “refreshing looks you might actually see being worn on the streets,” and “costumery,” which she says “should be jaw-dropping” designs that resemble “artistic runway pieces.”

As one of Lane County’s most unique and fascinating fashion and recycling events for the past three years, Metamorphose highlights the infinite possibilities of cast-off materials being transformed into original couture.  Last year’s event drew nine local designers and standing-room-only crowds.

This year’s Metamorphose challenge will be held at 6 p.m. on April 22 at the Wheeler Pavilion at the Lane County Fairgrounds. This year’s event will include MECCA's Object Afterlife Art Challenge, and BRING's Product Design Challenge. Like the Metamorphose fashion challenge, the MECCA and BRING events are intended to raise public awareness of the potential for creative reuse of salvaged materials.

For more information, contact Mitra DeMirza at 541 743-7173 or by email.

colorful event poster