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Legendary Dan Luby Has Raised “The Barr”

Categories: Email Newsletter, Events, Volunteers
Date: Wednesday, September 27 2017
"Dan Luby is a fixture in our community.  He played ball for the National Champion Drain Black Sox,  attended Oregon State University and built a very successful sporting apparel business making contacts all over the nation.  Dan has never forgotten about his Oregon roots.  He loves supporting the kids in the Eugene/Springfield area through the St Vinnies Golf for Kids Program.  He has spent countless hours gathering donations and players for the event.  If you play golf and know Dan, then chances are you have received a call asking if you would like to start a team.  His energy and dedication to community service are second to none. We are very lucky to have him working for the kids in our community."
                                                                       -- CJ Steinbach, Golf Classic organizer

"Raising the Barr" award in hand, Dan Luby talks about the importance of golf to St. Vinnie's kids. At left is Paula Berry of the SVDP staff.

It's so good to see friends year after year.

St. Vincent de Paul’s annual golf tournament was headed for 16 years by its founder Bill Barr who raised thousands of dollars on behalf of St. Vinnie's kids, the 400-plus children in SVDP affordable housing. When Bill died unexpectedly three months after the 2015 event, a stunned SVDP staff and Golf Committee wondered how to fill the void.

Enter Dan Luby, a Bill Barr recruit who spent most of his distinguished career providing the stuff of sports to teams in Lane County and throughout Oregon. He likes kids alright, has some of his own and grandkids to boot, but he’s been swept away by St. Vinnie’s kids as they’ve worked the course together during the Bi-Mart Charity Golf Tournament. Bi-Mart has made that opportunity available to the kids and Golf Committee to bring in supplemental funds for kids’ programs.

Back to what was by now the Bill Barr Memorial Golf Classic, Dan Luby has thrown himself into the two subsequent tournaments, drawing upon his resources from years in sports and in the sporting goods business that carried his family name.

Dan golfed, too, and setting out for the morning flight on what proved to be a perfect day. He was surprised, “shocked” actually, by the sight of his own face gazing from flags of appreciation at specially selected holes. The limelight continued afterward when he was called up to receive the second “Raising the Barr Award” for taking up the cause held so dear by his late friend, “the kids.”

"I do this so they can do things they couldn't afford to do otherwise," Dan said modestly.

One hundred sixty golfers followed suit, reveling in the kind of cool, clear air Lane County hadn’t enjoyed in a while. They golfed morning or afternoon, enjoyed a box lunch provided by Island Fence Company, and perused dozens of goodies offered in a silent auction. They joined Ward Insurance, other sponsoring businesses, and in-kind donors in forking out more than $67,000 for the cause, resulting in a generous net of $45,000 for St. Vinnie's Kids' programs.

Thanks to Ward, and to all who sponsored, donated and golfed in this best tournament. Please thank these great people.
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