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A GRAND Opening In The Dalles

Categories: Email Newsletter, Jobs, Stores
Date: Tuesday, September 30 2014

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men talkingAfter an extended campout by set-up staff from Lane County, St. Vinnie’s opened in the Dalles Sept. 25, continuing a long tradition of social enterprise and extending a lifeline that will help sustain emergency services provided by St. Vincent de Paul, The Dalles. Over nearly two months this summer the facility was expanded, reconfigured, redecorated and stocked with the stuff of St. Vinnie's success: Affordable clothing, housewares, furniture, appliances, books and the all-important treasures.

The grand opening had all the trappings of a St. Vinnie’s fete: sales, goodies, balloons and a throng of shoppers eager to test the waters.

At 19,000 square feet The Dalles Store is among St. Vinnie's largest and is managed by a local kid, Travis Biggs who grew up in nearby Lyle. Once homeless, Travis worked first as a volunteer to qualify for public assistance, was hired by St. Vinnie’s to work in the Lane County stores, and went on to manage St. Vinnie’s in Oakridge for more than two years before relocating to The Dalles. He oversees a local staff of 12.

The Dalles Store is open 10-8 daily. The store is located at 505 West 9th.

Thanks to all who turned out for our grand opening. What an amazing welcome!