Tim McLaughlin is one great musician. Or is it three? Find out at A Moment in Time for First Place Family Center.
Tim McLaughlin is one great musician. Or is it three? Find out at A Moment in Time for First Place Family Center.
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St. Vincent de Paul is Lane County’s largest nonprofit human services organization, helping over 84,000 people annually. We accomplish our mission in six core areas: Affordable Housing, Emergency Services, Homeless Services, Recycling Programs, Retail Thrift Stores, and Self-Sufficiency Services.

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Recent News:

Coming Nov. 16: A Storied Evening For First Place

ave your wand over the crystal ball. See the families that are homeless or barely housed, and how hard it is to get their footing, let alone climb a beanstalk. See First Place Family Center and all that’s being done to help these families. Now see yourself at a grand ball, having a storybook evening while helping families in need. You're there because you stepped up and sponsored a table or purchased tickets.

Legendary Dan Luby Has Raised “The Barr”

St. Vincent de Paul’s annual golf tournament was headed for 16 years by its founder Bill Barr who raised thousands of dollars on behalf of the children in SVDP affordable housing. When Bill died unexpectedly three months after the 2015 event, a stunned SVDP staff and Golf Committee wondered how to fill the void.

SVDP Volunteers Get Gifts, Shirts For Their Backs

A pin of service.

A great big THANK YOU for everyone who came out to our inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Event last week at the Agrarian Farm! It was all the things we had hoped for and more. We were delighted to have more than 250 folks in attendance, and a slew of staff members eager to help.

“Paths to Prosperity” Coming to Cottage Grove, Oakridge

Learn how to stretch your dollar!

Attention residents of Oakridge and nearby communities: Do you wonder where your money goes and how to get your spending under control? This free 10-hour financial literacy course will help you stretch your dollar!